Yankee Candle Edge Grain Honey Oak W/ Timer Scenterpiece Easy MeltCup Warmer


Stylish and so easy to use, our revolutionary Scenterpiece warmer permits you to change fragrances as incessantly as you wish to have without ever touching the wax. The electric warmer features a flameless heater to quickly melt the wax, a recessed heating dish that showcases the design and enhances each and every decor, and a 6-foot power cord that allows for simple placement around a room. An indicator light illuminates when the warmer is turned on, so you can never have any doubt. About Scenterpiece Easy MeltCup System: It is so easy to change scents in seconds–to match your mood, your day, your crazy busy life. Our innovative Easy MeltCups release room-filling fragrance for enjoyment in just minutes. Place an Easy MeltCup in the Scenterpiece warmer and turn it on. That’s it (actually!). When you are in a position to change scents, pick up the cool-to-the-touch MeltCup and switch it out for another one. No wax to touch, no wax to clean. Easy MeltCups stack and store easily. . . bonus!.
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