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How does a Wax Warmer Work?

More and more people are adopting wax melts or wax tarts as a way of adding fragrance to their homes. They come in various designs and fragrance types, and even generate a sweet fragrance even when cold. They are used in various occasions including: Valentine’s Day, wedding anniversaries, and many others. These wick-free candles offer an excellent way to add a pleasing fragrance your home without soot and smoke. So how does a wax warmer work?

How they Work

Wax melts or wax tarts, unlike candles do not burn with a wick. They are usually placed in a tart warmer or an oil burner that is normally used for home fragrance. They are then warmed using a tea light or an electric source of energy.

To add fragrance into your home, you simply place one melt into the burner or warmer, then light an unscented tea light or electricity underneath it. You do not have to add any water to the wax. The wax can aalso be cut into half so as to economize on its use. You can also mix and match various melts so as to get a unique scent from the mixture.

The wax does not evaporate and therefore it does not scorch or burn when it is heated. When it is heated, the wax gets a little bit hotter than body temperature and thus it can never harm or burn your skin. However, you should always be careful when handling the electric warmer since it can result in shock.

How long does Scented Wax Last?

The scented wax never dissipates or evaporates. A cube of wax will generate a fragrance for about 10 to 20 hours. Adding in two or more of this cubes will never make it last longer, therefore it is recommended that you start with less. The fragrance begins to wear out immediately after you put in the wax and warm it. Furthermore, some fragrances last longer whereas others take a shorter time.

To get the most of your bar, use one or two cubes at one time. Once the scent wears down, remove the melted wax and replace the cubes. Take a disposable container and pour in the melted wax. You can then use a paper towel to wipe the top of the warmer.

Why Wax Warmers?

Wax warmers are preferred over candles since they never generate a flame or soot. They are also much safer to use in homes with children and pets. Buyers can also choose a fragrance that best suits them from the wide variety of scents and designs available on the market.

The major setback with wax warmers is that the fragrance is lost after use. To safely dispose or change the melts, you let the wax harden then use a plastic or metal knife to remove it.

Wax warmers provide a unique way of adding fragrance to your home. They can completely change the mood within your home so as to suit specific occasions. You can choose a scent that best suits you from the wide variety of options available out there.