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How to Clean a Wax Warmer

We all enjoy using any item but when it comes to cleaning, we would rather let somebody else do it for us. The same applies to a wax warmer. If it is your first time owning one, then probably it seems daunting to clean it. Luckily, it is very easy to clean your kit. Here are a few tricks that will show you how to clean a wax warmer:

Make Cleaning a Daily Chore

You should clean the wax warmer all throughout the day. Clean and wipe out any wax spillage or drips from the warmer. You should use a Wax Equipment Cleaner to clean the kit at all times. Avoid using Acetone or Surgical Spirit since these will dry out the plastic and ultimately make it brittle leading to cracks and damage to the wax warmer.

By cleaning your wax warmer every day, you eliminate the buildup of wax on the container and reduce the stress of removing them. In fact, with time it becomes pretty easy to clean and not a hard task anymore.

Refillable Wax Containers

If you use a refillable container to keep your wax ,then at times you may wish to change the wax you use. Therefore, whenever you want to do this, you have to clean it thoroughly and keep it free from any trace of the previous wax. Even if you do not want to change the wax, it is recommended that you do this once in a while so as to eliminate any possibility of contamination.

Cleaning refillable wax containers is pretty easy. You simply subject the bucket to some degree of heat that will make the wax very thin.  With your hands well protected, remove the bucket and pour any trace of wax on the bottom of the bucket into a container so as to be disposed. Once this is done, keep the bucket in a safe and secure place and let it cool down.

You can then pour in some equipment cleaner into the bucket and let it stand and dissolve the wax for a while. You can then take a spatula and use it to remove stubborn bits from the container. You should then dispose the wax into a desired container ready for disposal. Repeat the process a few times until the bucket is completely clean.

When all the wax is completely removed the refillable container, wash it thoroughly using warm water. When done fill the bucket with a disinfectant solution and leave it for the recommended duration of time. After this, rinse it well and let it dry completely before you use it again.

Other Items

Other items used while waxing should also be cleaned regularly. These include tweezers and other small tools, treatment surfaces, table or couch, and towels. You should keep all these items clean and fresh at all times.

You should keep your wax warmer clean at all times. Follow the right procedure when cleaning it and always use the recommended wax equipment cleaning product.