Top 5 Best Wax Warmers 2018

Wax warmers are not limited to use within spas and professional salons. Just about anyone can get a wax warmer since it is more economical to have it in the long run when compared to other alternatives such as a microwavable container. They are also much safer and easy to use than any other option. There are many brands of wax warmers out there, most of which vary in size, design, and model. Here are the best wax warmers on the market today:

5. Satin Smooth SSW09C Professional Single Wax Warmer Kit

Best Wax Warmers - Satin Smooth SSW09C Professional Single Wax Warmer Kit
Satin Smooth SSW09C Professional Single Wax Warmer Kit

This professional wax warmer has been designed to meet the needs of the savvy buyer with an eye for detail. It is a professional-grade warmer that outcompetes most of the warmers available in the market. This is a great kit for use within the comfort of your own home. It will save you the lots of money normally charged by professional salons.

This fully packed kit comes with all you need. It is capable of holding 14 and 16 ounces of standard size cans. It includes 14 ounces of Deluxe Cream Wax specifically designed for those who have sensitive skin and is ideal for waxing the face and the body. The kit also comes with Satin Cleanser formulated for pre-depilatory cleansing and 4 ounces of Satin Cool for use as lotion for post-depilatory. It also has a secure fitted cover and 5 protective collars.

Other essential items that come with the kit include a step by step instructional DVD and 30 pieces of epilating cloth made from excellent quality muslin fabric. Furthermore, you get a wide range temperature control settings to suit you.

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4. Depileve Deluxe Warmer

Best Wax Warmers - Depileve Deluxe Warmer
Depileve Deluxe Warmer

If you are just starting to wax, then you can never go wrong with this wax warmer. It is a thermostat-controlled kit that can hold up to 14 ounces of canned wax. It features a separate on/off switch and features adjustable heat control that melts wax within your set temperature limits. One main benefits associated with this warmer it is very durable and should last last you for a long time. Its plastic lid is quite hardy and doesn’t break easily.

In terms of price, the Depileve Deluxe Warmer is pretty affordable. However, for those that would like to use it at home, the kit is quite big and bulky. Therefore ensure you would need to have sufficient counter space for it.

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3. GiGi Hair Remover Pro 1 Kit

Best Wax Warmers - Gigi Hair Remover Pro 1 Kit
Gigi Hair Remover Pro 1 Kit

GiGi is one of those brands that has built a good reputation when it comes to excellent quality wax warmers. Its Hair Remover Pro 1 Kit has all that a salon professional can ask for. It is a complete system that aims to meet all the needs of its customer base.

This kit contains a 14 ounce Deluxe warmer that comes with an instructional DVD. Included also with the kit are a wide variety of cleansing products, hair removal essentials, and lotions. Some of these items include: instructional manual, product catalog, poster, 2 Rest Bars, 2 Face Strips, 2 Body Strips, Window decal, 2 ounces of Wax Off, and many others. It is simply worth every penny.

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2. Clean + Easy Professional Waxing Spa Basic Kit

Best Wax Warmers - Clean + Easy Professional Waxing Spa Basic Kit
Clean + Easy Professional Waxing Spa Basic Kit

This is one of those waxing kits that have received massive positive reviews from happy customers. It is a top notch wax warmer that surely deserves all its compliments. In terms of price, the Clean + Easy Professional Waxing Kit costs about or little more than what you normally cash out for a single waxing session in a professional salon or spa. If how know how to use the kit properly, it will be very cost effective.

One of the reasons that most applaud this professional warmer is due to the fact that it is quite easy to use. It comes with an instruction booklet and a DVD that is fully packed with all the instructions you need. The kit also includes wax that will last you for a good while. Other items that come with the kit include; antiseptic wipes to be used when pre-treating the area to be waxed, the wax, lotions for post-treatment, and an After Wax Remover.

You will also the following in the kit: 5-ounce Restore Dermal Therapy Lotion, Small and medium Size Roller heads, Large 3-packs Roller head, and 50 packs epilating clothing strips that come in small, medium and large sizes. It is a kit that delivers professional grade service just as you would get from a professional spa or salon. The system is highly applauded for its mess-free application, thanks to the roller that dispenses the wax over the target area.

If you are looking for an effective and quicker way of getting rid of unwanted hair then look no further. The Clean + Easy Professional Waxing Kit is an economical warmer that only deposits sufficient amount of wax every time when in use. It is a professional kit that eliminates wastage and with its temperature control you can save time. The wax also comes out with ease unlike other warmers.

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1. GiGi Deluxe Double Warmer

Best Wax Warmers - Gigi Deluxe Double Warmer
Gigi Deluxe Double Warmer

This top grade professional wax warmer stands out as the best of the best thank to GiGi’s innovation and intuitive technology. It is a thermo-stat controlled duo wax warmer that has two sealed pots with the capability of holding 14 ounces of wax. Each of the pots has dual switches and adjustable temperature controls so as to regulate power.

To keep the wax clean at all times, this double warmer comes with removable hinged lids that are quite easy to clean and sanitize. It is highly efficient since you are able to warm two different products at the same time. Its unique design includes a skid-free rubber feet and its surfaces is made of stainless steel material. This kit is ideal for spars and salons where the demand for waxing services is high. You can also use it within the comfort of your home and save a lot of cash that would have been used in salons and spars.

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An ideal wax warmer should be able to keep the wax within your desired temperature. You should get a kit that has excellent temperature controls. One of the main advantages of wax warmers is that they are safer. However, you should always keep the wax warmer clean and in good condition.