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What is a Wax Warmer?

They have been in use for quite a long time, but just what is a wax warmer? They have become a more popular way of adding fragrance to homes. A wax warmer may also be referred to as wax tarts or wax melts. They usually come in a wide variety of fragrances and designs and most people love the way they decorate a home. You can display them as pot pouri or even ornaments. Even while cold they still generate a sweet smelling fragrance. Furthermore, they look amazing even without being warmed up.

Benefits of a Wax Warmer

A wax warmer offers immense benefits over burning wax. The fact that there is no open flame fascinates many. There is also zero soot produced by these stylish warmers. This is unlike candles that burn with a wick and produce soot. You simply place the wax melts or wax tarts in an oil burner or tart warmer. It is then warmed up using a tea light or electric power. This will generate a scent that will vary from mild to bold. You can get various romantic scents that will change anybody’s mood irrespective of the occasion.

The scented bars normally last longer depending on how they are used. To get the best results, break down the bars into smaller options and add into the warmer your desired amount. The bars will generate a sweet fragrance and without any smoke or flame. This may explain why it is preferred over traditional candles that may not be safe for your pet and young children. Bars generally last for up to 80 hours with others lasting even longer.

Best Use of Wax Warmer

It is recommended that you add one or two cubes at a time. If you feel the fragrance has gone down, remove the old cubes and put in fresh ones. Once the wax has melted in your wax warmer, pour it into a disposable container then take a towel and wipe the top of the warmer. If solid wax is still on the warmer, heat it for sometime then peel it from the warmer when it starts to melt. You should avoid unplugging a warmer that still has liquid wax so as to prevent the wax from spilling.

One of the major advantages with wax is that it never burns or scorches when heated. It also never dries up but is just slightly hotter than your body temperature. Therefore, warm wax cannot harm the skin. You should however avoid electric shock since the warmer is plugged into electric power. If you reside in homes with little children then it is wise to get a wax warmer that is plugged directly into wall outlets. This will allows you to connect the unit into outlets that are out of reach of children.

There are plenty of wax warmers to choose from in the market today. They have become so popular since you never run out of an option to choose from for any occasion. These alternatives to regular candles are quite fascinating and safe. You will get sizes, shapes and colors that are in sync with your decor and mood.