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GiGi Wax Warmers

When talking about top notch waxing, GiGi Wax Warmers is far ahead and above all others. They have been in this business for quite some time and today, they have become an authority in this field. One can confidently say that they are the clear leaders while others are far behind. They have garnered such a huge dose of experience to make them masters in this waxing business. Practice, the saying goes makes perfect, and GiGi are perfectionists in this niche.

Their excellent foray into virtually all the segments of the waxing business shows that they know all the nitty-gritty details. You name any sector in the waxing business today, the brand name GiGi is proudly represented. They have been able to hold their own against others amidst the stiff competition on going on today in the market.

For the purpose of this brief but educative article, we’ll be taking a look into five waxing products that GiGi have produced. This list is by no means exclusive; the aim is to introduce you to some of the products that GiGi has to offer. Let’s begin.

GiGi Waxing Kit

This is one of the best hair removal kits available on the market today. The issue of hair removal cuts across all the continents of the world. Common issues that tend to arise when shaving including razor burns and even cuts.

There is therefore a problem confronting the world that needs a solution. A vacuum has been created sort of which needs to be filled with urgency. It is on the basis of this problem that GiGi came up with the concept of the GiGi Waxing Kit.

With his kit, all manners of skin have been adequately accounted for. For those with soft skin, the hair will be removed in such a way that there will be no wax left behind. What you get is a smooth skin to the bargain. The same applies to those with very strong stubborn hair. No matter the state of your hair, there is a ready solution in this kit.

It is relatively easy to use too and it does not require a warmer.

GiGi Brazilian Waxing Kit

Gigi Brazilian Waxing Kit
Gigi Brazilian Waxing Kit

This is yet another wonder from GiGi stable. This kit has all it takes to give you the best that you deserve when you want to remove your hair without having to worry about any side effects. This kit is a complete kit adequately packaged to meet all that you will need in the business of removing your air. The technology involved has taken care of all that the Brazilian technique involves to deliver that excellence that you are after. All the essential accessories that you will ever need are included in this kit. The Wax Warmer is a prominent feature here. Further, the Brazilian hard wax is also included in his kit. All other accessories needed have been included in the kit with a view to give you that royal treatment that you really deserve.

This kit is easy to use; it is not the complicated ones that make the user embarrassed when they want to put it into simple use. This Brazilian kit can be used by any one; no matter how poor the level of literacy. To cap it all, this kit is accompanied by a DVD. This is a see it as it is actually done CD. If you are too busy to read through the manual; you have the option of watching the motion picture that enables you to see it how it is practically done.

If you are a first timer, it is strongly advised that you take shower before you bath. In fact, this kit is yet another strong statement from GiGi.

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GiGi Student Starter Kit

Gigi Student Starter Kit
Gigi Student Starter Kit

The needs of the adult/working class are different from that of the student. Hence GiGi went back to the drawing board to produce a product meant to capture the needs of the student. The GiGi student starter kit is all every student needs to completely take care of their waxing needs.

This starter kit enables students to have a solid start. They will be able to practice correct waxing techniques as a starter using the best professional grade products – a hall mark of GiGi. For a complete waxing experience for the student, this starter kit provides all that will be needed to have an ultimate experience. It is effective and  the price is commensurate.

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GiGi Space Saver Warmer

GiGi Space Saver Warmer
GiGi Space Saver Warmer

The name of this product tells us exactly what GiGi had in mind. Many people complain about the non availability of space for most of the household equipment they need to make living worthwhile. The GiGi Space Saver Warmer goes a long way in removing all the clutter.

Take nothing away from this product; it is as good as all others in the GiGi Wax family. It has the ability to melt any kind of qax. If you have limited counter space, then this equipment is best for you; the size is not sacrificed for quality. Though it is a manual warmer, it functions like the ones that come with automatic buttons and it is programmed not to go beyond the limits. So when you turn it on, the temperature moderates in such a way that you do not need to make any manual adjustment-statement of fact. The compact nature of this model is the strongest selling point; many have bought this product over and over again. GiGi has produced a quality model as with all of their other products through this manual and compact design.

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GiGi Roll on Wax Warmer Kit

Like all other variants in the series, GiGi has gotten it right as well. It works according to all the advertised specifications. The kit contains three variants of the Roll on Wax Warmer Kit, they are:

  • Personal Roll on Waxing Warmer
  • One small Personal Roll-on Wax Applicator
  • One large Personal Roll-on Wax Applicator
  • Wax remover Strips

The above listed are the components of this wax warmer kit. With GiGi, there is zero tolerance for failure. Every bit of their products are are designed to meet the needs of the customer. The solution to your very need in the hair removal sector is the major reason why they are in business. They have proved over the years that they are a force to be reckoned with.


What more can one say? We may go on and on reviewing the models under GiGi without an end and you will never get bored. The high points of two models are not the same. Every one of the designs in this series of GiGi Wax Warmers are unique on their own. They represent the very best you can get around for now. If nothing at all, these products speak for themselves going by their performance index. These positive prospects from GiGi’s brand of Wax Warmers cannot be wished away. It has come to stay.