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Essenza wax warmers

Essenza Wax Warmers

Essenza is a renowned brand with products ranging from various home accessories such as hand soaps, wax warmers, candles and outdoor candles to even fashion (outings or homewear). Their home accessories play an important role in home décor. The excellent quality Essenza wax warmers are highly applauded by buyers due to their unique designs and top notch performance.

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Essenza Scented Wax Warmer

The scented wax warmer, as the name suggests, is one of the many ways to spread pleasant smells across the room. Essenza provides various scented wax warmers, in various shapes, sizes and most of them can even provide a soothing light effect, along with a pleasing fragrance. Firstly, Essenza’s scented wax warmers are unique in design, beautiful, and sturdy as well. They come with scented wax warmers cubes, which of are of indeed high quality. You  can even mix several waxes to create a unique fragrance according to your liking.

Essenza wax warmers are usually made up of ceramic and is very much portable thanks to their light-weight and sturdiness. They are usually flameless and so are much safer compared to candles. Therefore, they can be easily placed near flammable items and will not need to be replaced with candles again and again. Some Essenza wax warmers are also electrical, as they come with a light bulb and that is what melts the wax. Essenza wax warmers can also be used with several other brands of wax cubes.

All in all, Essenza has various types of wax warmers, providing a variety of options to their customers as to which and what type of wax warmers will go well with their own home décors.

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Essenza Wax Warmer Replacement Bulb

Essenza wax warmers come with bulbs, that basically heats or melts wax, thereby, releasing the fragrance. The bulbs are more advantageous than the candles in the sense that, it’s safer for children to be around it and much safer to keep near flammable items like curtains. The replacement bulbs are cheap to obtain and may probably last longer than the initial bulb, however, the bulbs have an average lifetime of about 800 hours. The bulbs are easy to replace, and all you need to do is rotate the bulb counter clockwise to loosen up the bulb and replace it with the new halogen bulb.

Along with the wax warmers, Essenza’s replacement bulbs can be of multiple usage like for office, home lightings, desks, cabinets and outdoor stores. On top of that, the halogen bulbs can be dimmed and therefore, can replace incandescent dimmer lamps.

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Essenza is by far one of the brands that lead as other follow when it comes to good quality wax warmers. They design a wide variety of warmers that meet and surpass their customers’ needs. Their products not only meet the needs of the professional but also the intermediate salonist and the novice.