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Segawe Nv502 Electric Heater Double Wax Warmer

Segawe Nv502 Electric Heater Double Wax Warmer Review

The Segawe Nv502 Electric Heater Double Wax Warmer features double wax can compartments, each outfitted with its own temperature control – that gives you the power to choose which temperature range you want and suits you.

Segawe Nv502 Electric Heater Double Wax Warmer

This warmer heats up the wax really quickly, while you can have it handling and preparing two wax containers at the same time. It heats up your wax to be really even. You can work with varying heat and temperature settings, that gives more control than a basic on and off switch, and you can also go with different kinds of waxes and waxes for different purposes. Hard wax will take a long time for this warmer to heat up and get ready, but it still gets processed. This warmer is a good choice for both personal and even professional applications.

Overall, I would recommend this to people who want to get started preparing and apply wax themselves in their own homes, and also people who’ve been making their own wax for a long time. It’s very trustworthy and reliable, it’s being offered at a great price, works with a wide variety of waxes in an effective and quick way, and it works in a very straightforward way. I’ve had this warmer for a very long time, and it still works just like the first day I got it – sturdy, durable, and it’s still working just right. I’m just really happy with this wax warmer, all in all.

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Pros and Cons


  1. This warmer can handle most standard-size wax cans up to a capacity of 14 ounces.
  2. Enjoy working with a wax warmer that has a compact build, that will definitely match people who live in and work with smaller spaces.
  3. You can remove the wax baskets inside each of the warmer’s compartments. This allows you to have an easier time maintaining the warmer, keeping it clean, and clearing out whatever wax falls in that got loose.
  4. The wax compartments of this wax warmer are easy to remove, making them much easier to clean up.


  1. While this wax warmer having dual wax can compartments is a really great feature, sometimes one of the compartments won’t be usable, or will have a hard time heating up.
  2. This wax warmer will sometimes not work in a consistent way – sometimes the compartments will heat up too much, even to boiling point, and other times not heat up at all, despite the heat and temperature settings you set the warmer to use and work with.
  3. You have to take care and not touch the parts that become hot, especially while it’s warming up wax and in the minutes following a successful preparation and heating up of your wax containers.

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The Segawe Nv502 Electric Heater Double Wax Warmer is a great looking, affordable wax warmer that's aimed towards efficiency.

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