Satin Smooth SSW09C Professional Single Wax Warmer Kit Review

Satin Smooth SSW09C Professional Single Wax Warmer Kit Review

I have undergone waxing for many years, and the service I derive from the satin smooth professional warmer is excellent from the comfort of the comfort of the bathroom. The product comes with homemade honey wax so that I just need to cut a few rugs and use them as strips for applying the wax on the required areas. The box of this product came with twenty different non-woven strips, twenty assorted wooden applicators, four Oz pre-depilatory cleanser, and a fourteen Oz deluxe cream wax.

The box also came with four OZ satin post depilatory cooling gel and calming oil, satin post depilatory lotion, and two protective collars. The item that fascinated me most is the DVD that explains the whole waxing procedure in steps.

The brand of wax that comes with this warmer coordinates well to produce perfect results on strong hair. It is not necessary for the wax to be too hot to remove the strong hair. I like the size of this warmer because it is large enough to be in my bathroom to enhance the room’s beauty.

I decided to choose this wax warmer because of the video showing how to do waxing from home and the various temperature options on the device. It also has mechanisms for heating and cooling the wax at a high rate. I love the customer care service from the manufacturer because they respond within 24 hours after making an inquiry.

My satin smooth professional single wax warmer kit measures 1x1x1 inches and weighs 1 pound. The shipping time was prompt, and it can only be done when you are in the United States or a location that has FPO/APO addresses. After receiving the product, I reached out to the manufacturer for making warranty arrangements. This warmer heats most standard wax cans.

Pros and Cons


  • For several years, I have tried several wax warmers, but the satin smooth, professional wax warmer is proving easy to use.
  • It is also easy to clean and maintain to give many years of service.
  • I no longer have to go to the salon because this product comes with a guide for using the warmer from the bathroom.
  • It removes even the smallest hair that other wax warmers cannot remove.
  • The pricing of this product is right for my pocket, and spending on it is worthwhile


  • After the procedure, I experienced a bit of redness and soreness. However, it is not much and results from removing the smallest hair follicles from the skin.
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