JMT Professional Double Wax Warmer Review

JMT Professional Double Wax Warmer Review

The JMT professional double wax warmer is a great machine that addresses all my requirements. Initially, I got nervous because it lacked reviews but buying it never made me go wrong. This warmer ensures that the wax stays hot for an extended period and keeps the heat of the wax consistent. I love using this product because it has a sturdy metallic casing which makes it durable due to its external strength.

This warmer features a dial that regulates the heat of wax by lowering it when it is almost getting ready. I advise you not to use the warmer when the wax is hot, and the warmer is on. I need to be careful when handling the pot because it has sharp edges and could easily cut the hands. It is right to realize that the plastic lead handle is also sharp.

I advise you to use the good wax in the warmer because if you use the wrong one like the GiGi all-purpose honee wax, you will experience a lot of pain resulting from its stickiness. The kit comes with small Popsicle sticks which make the work of waxing my face an easy task. The warmer also came with a thermostat that assisted me in adjusting the heat of my wax. I needed to have another wax can when using this pot for pouring it in for enhancing ease of use.

I made arrangements with the manufacturing company for the warranty of this product after purchasing. Shipping of this product is done within a few days of placing the order. When I went to collect the product, the measurements were 5x6x5 inches, and the weight was 2.5 pounds.

I came to understand that this warmer was made for heavy usage. The metallic casing makes it easy to clean. It gives the allowance for accommodating various wax cans. It is a professional grade kit that gives different pot options. The wax warming time it takes is fast. I enjoy using this product, and I’m always happy to use it. I’m sure you will also enjoy using this product.

Pros and Cons


  • I love using this warmer because of the ease involved in cleaning it
  • I enjoy using this kit because I did not require training for me to use the product.
  • This warmer is durable as it is made with a metallic casing.
  • I found it easy to maintain consistent temperatures


  • I did not experience any disadvantage when using this product. It is a perfect product and a great machine.
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