GiGi Electric Warmer

GiGi Electric Warmer Review

The GiGi Electric Warmer is a wax warmer and heating unit that is controlled by a thermostat. This warmer has working very effectively the whole time I’ve used it, and it doesn’t long to have my wax prepared and warmed up, with amazing consistency at that.

This warmer is built with flat walls on its exterior, that makes putting wax containers inside easy and convenient. It’s simple and straightforward to use. Just remember to clean up the wax warmer once you’re done using it.

I use this wax warmer almost everyday and I’ve had it for a while – and the warmer is still going strong, showing its durability even with really heavy loads. It is really good and highly effective for what it does. It doesn’t take that long at all to warm up the wax containers I put in, most of the time.

All in all, I really like this wax warmer – it just works. I’ve saved a lot of money, both from using from the affordable price of this warmer, and from my use of this wax warmer long-term I can do all my wax activities at home and I don’t have to head out to salons anymore.

I would definitely recommend this to people who need and use wax, both first timers and long-time users – you’ll be able to get started quickly, use this wax warmer right away, and have wax ready to use only after a very short time.

The GiGi Electric Warmer is by no means perfect. Read on as we discuss its pros and cons below.

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Pros and Cons


  1. You can change and adjust the temperature, even after it warms up your wax. This makes sure that your wax continues to stay at a good consistency. I don’t have to rush to use and apply the wax, because it won’t harden back right away.
  2. This wax warmer is also bundled with collars that keep the warmer protected, and these collars have been working really well.
  3. I’m pleased more often than not with the consistency of the wax that comes out of this warmer, every time after it’s warmed up, and how quickly this happens. The wax coming out ready in a speedy fashion allows me to apply and use the wax shortly.


  1. Sometimes, this wax warmer will have some wax leak out – you’ll have to be prepared to clean this warmer more often than not.
  2. This wax warmer didn’t come bundled with a lid, which is unfortunate.
  3. You have to keep an eye on this warmer’s temperature, just in case, to prevent overheating. If you ever leave this warmer on a high temperature for too long, you’ll have to keep the warmer on low for a long time – until the wax reaches a stable, proper consistency for you to apply and use.
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