GiGi Digital Paraffin Warmer with Steel Bowl

GiGi Digital Paraffin Warmer with Steel Bowl Review

The GiGi Digital Paraffin Warmer with Steel Bowl is a wax warmer that features a solution for quickly melting your wax, has a digital control, and is built with a steel bowl for accommodating your wax containers.

I  like that this warmer’s heat settings have a wide variety to options to choose from. I can have this warmer prepare wax for me at a really hot temperature, way higher than average, and at the same time, revert to a more moderate heat settings that’s closer to the default – this warmer can be  easily adjusted to match my needs.

You also get some really sweet features, like standby mode and variable temperature settings. I like having these kinds of options and the flexibility that comes with it. The warmer is also easy to keep, store, maintain, and clean – it just works and has only produced high quality results so far. The GiGi Digital Paraffin Warmer also melts your wax at a very fast pace.

While this wax warmer is expensive, you’ll get a lot from it, including quality, useful features, and a warmer that just does what it was made to do. I’ve only had a great time and amazing experience using this warmer, and also in applying the wax that I prepared and made with it. It’s truly helped me with all my waxing needs.

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Pros and Cons


  1. Use this GiGi warmer’s quick melt feature to swiftly ready up your wax, so you can use wax in a short amount of time.
  2. You can also use this warmer with a digital control.
  3. The warmer is also outfitted with a bowl, made of steel and built with a safety grate, that will hold your wax containers for you – to prepare for heating your wax up.
  4. This warmer also features a standby mode, which saves you the effect of having to turn the warmer off all the time – unless you really want the warmer to stay off.


  1. You can begin to observe this wax warmer’s wear and tear after several months.
  2. This warmer will sometimes not heat all the way up to the temperatures that it said it will.
  3. For the very first time you use this wax warmer, the first wax containers you put inside the steel bowl of this warmer will take a very long time to heat up and melt – but after a day or a few more, this wax warmer will speed up warming up your wax to the tune of only a few minutes.
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