For Pro Too Naked Premium Wax Warmer Review

For Pro Too Naked Premium Wax Warmer Review

I have a great experience with for pro too naked wax warmer because it has a great thermostat that provides different heating options with various types of wax in use. I enjoy using this warmer because it has a dial function that controls how it comes on and goes off. I can use many wax cans up to the range of 16 OZ. When I have standard wax cans, I use this warmer to heat different wax types.

This kit has a removable aluminum basket will make this kit to look lovely. I use the bar and handle to control the amount of wax on the spatulas. I love this product because the manufacturing company ensures that delivery is done within days of placing the order. The quality of customer service I got was also great as they respond to email addresses within 24 hours of sending. My calls are picked immediately, and I get the expert service I want with the warmer.

When purchasing this product, the company arranges for a warranty that covers my product when using. I would like to advise you that you need to be in the United States for you to receive this product. I would recommend that you use this product alongside too naked strip-free waxes. These waxes are easy to clean making my role of maintaining this product quite easy.

When I collected my warmer from the shipping company, I realized that it measures 8.2x7.9x6.8 inches and it weighs two pounds. This size is right to be in your bathroom because it brings a value of beauty in the room. I do not have to be an expert to use this warmer. It took me a few minutes, and I was ready to go with the usage of this wax warmer.

Learning how to use this warmer is quite easy because it comes with educational booklets and an informational DVD with video guides on how to use it. I love this warmer for it comes with everything else except the wax. It is a great product with professional standards.

Pros and Cons


  • I love the warmer because it comes with strip-free waxes that make it easy to clean and maintain.
  • I have enjoyed the effectiveness and efficiency that comes with this kit.
  • It comes with excellent customer service which makes the manufacturer the best seller


  • I have a negative response for this warmer because it keeps turning off when I turn it on
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