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Clean+Easy Wax Warmer

Clean+Easy Wax Warmer Review

The Clean+Easy Wax Warmer has many features and was designed with the professional on a budget in mind. The warmer is managed through a knob that controls the temperature and an indicator that shows the temperature of the warmer at all times. You can place most wax containers inside this warmer.

I found this wax warmer very convenient to use, the whole process from start to finish was really easy and simple, and I didn’t have to do any clean-up after taking my heated-up wax out.

This wax warmer was made to match just the right size and is built to be just the right weight – and it handles regular wax containers and more, and you’re definitely going to get your wax melting and heating up well on a consistent basis. This warmer will be excellent option for you, if you want to get started with home waxing soon.

All in all, not only do I really like this wax warmer, I just love this warmer for the way that it is. It took me only a short time – a few minutes – to fully heat up a container full of wax, using this warmer. This warmer is very easy to use and work with, and it’s also reliable and trustworthy. It does what it said it would. I’m very happy with this wax warmer.

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Pros and Cons


  1. This wax warmer heats up your wax in such a way that you don’t have to do any clean-up, after it’s done preparing your wax. It is still recommended to regularly clean your wax warmer however.
  2. It’s also bundled with its very own scraper, made out of metal, that makes it a breeze to take out the excess wax that gets stuck and left over on the sticks you use to apply the finished wax.
  3. This warmer makes it easy for you to set the optimal temperature for the amount of wax that you have in your container.
  4. This wax warmer also has a wide variety of settings for heating, so there’s a heating settings for just about everybody, that will match the wax user’s own needs and preferences.


  1. This wax warmer doesn’t have a liner included. If you need one, or a liner makes preparing wax more convenient and comfortable for you, you have to get one of your own and put it in yourself.
  2. You need to make sure that the lid of this warmer doesn’t slip off, by always making sure that it’s firmly attached it to the body of the warmer – when you’re not lifting it up to put your wax container inside.

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The Clean+Easy Wax Warmer is budget friendly and manages to offer great value for money.

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